Optimize Good Luck From Symbols, Charms, Amulets, Positive Attitude

Have you ever wondered if good luck is just a natural condition that some people seem to have that causes good things to just go their way?

Why do some people have good health, wealth, and happiness come to them with little or no effort, while others try hard to succeed and never have things work out for them?

Even though most people feel that the influence of good or bad luck is totally random, many still keep some superstitious beliefs such as Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day, or breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck.

Through the years people have recognized and symbolized luck whether thought to exist by pure chance, religious origin, faith, superstition, kabbalah, feng shui, or laws of science.

For centuries various symbols, talismans, and amulets have been thought to bring good health, ward of evil, bring love and good fortune, etc.

Frogs have been regarded as good luck symbols for many cultures with each having a variety of effects ranging from gaining wealth to fighting disease and finding love.

In traditional Christianity for example, the crucifix is considered to act as a defense against demons. St. Christopher medals are frequently placed in vehicles for protection while traveling. Because the use of idols is forbidden, Jewish amulets tend to use text and names. Chinese Feng Shui symbols and charms are used to improve your chances for success concerning wealth, relationships, health etc.

Can people change bad luck to good luck?

Many researchers feel that a positive and optimistic outlook creates good luck as opposed to an anxious and depressed outlook that creates bad luck.
For example if a person was in a store and a piece of the ceiling fell on them and broke their arm. A positive thinking person would think of how lucky they were to only have suffered a broken arm. A negative thinking person would think of how unlucky they were to have been in the store at that time and suffered the broken arm.

A number of studies done by psychologists found that people with truly positive expectations have better outcomes then those with doubt about future challenges.

Bottom line you must develop a strong optimistic positive attitude!

Improve your luck by believing in yourself and looking at life with an optimistic approach. This will not mean you will be a lottery winner in a day or two, or that all will be great from then on. Maybe you will win the lottery! Either way you will enjoy life with a better outlook.

Suggestion for leaning good luck in your favor:
Aside from power that the luck symbol is meant to bring you, when in doubt, look at it and let it remind you to keep a strong optimistic positive attitude toward the task you are facing. This is thought to creates a stronger feeling of success and good luck.

The Free Way:
Pick out one of the good luck symbol images on this page that you feel is the strongest luck lure for you, and print a copy of it. Glue or fasten it on to a magnet, mug, card etc.

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